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    The name is Mena (・∀・ )
    ▪My best friend is my dog and my 3ds
    ▪Yeah i live in the States
    ▪I make really bad puns
    ▪ I really love video games
    ▪And anime too
    ▪My face? Yes i do have one.
    ▪And I like FullMetal Alchemist puns and gifs

    -I should really be doing my homework now...

    ⇒Current Avatar Status:
    -Nah (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
    -Inigo (Fire Emblem:Awakening)
    -Link (Zelda Wii-u)
    -Bolin (Legend of Korra)

    My Tumblr
    My Quotev
    [I write dumb fanfics]

    I have really good eyebrows

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    Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | reviews

    My 3DS FC-
    ❒ Single
    ❒ Taken
    ✔ Pokémon Master

    ►Favorite Games
    ▪Legend of Zelda
    ▪Assassin's Creed
    ▪Fire Emblem
    ▪Kingdom Hearts
    ▪Metal Gear Solid
    ▪Final Fantasy
    ▪Animal Crossing
    ▪Resident Evil

    ➡Favorite Animes/mangas/shows/whatev
    ▪Mirai Nikki
    ▪Attack on Titan
    ▪Black Butler
    ▪Fullmetal Alchemist
    ▪Blue Exorcist
    ▪Kill la Kill
    Avatar:The Last Airbender
    ▪Legend of Korra
    ▪Teen Titans
    ▪Kyoukai no Kanata
    ▪Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    ▪Samurai Jack
    ▪Black Lagoon
    ▪Daily Lives of High School Boys
    ▪Gurren Lagann
    ▪Death Note
    ▪Deadman Wonderland

    ➡I seriously don't know what kind of music i like
    ▪However Coldplay is hella rad
    ▪And Lindsey Stirling I'll just list them all while I'm at it
    ▪Fallout Boy,Imagine Dragons,Katy Perry,Sky Sailing,Owl City,Paramore,Vocaloid & Cascada



    -I do not like bugs
    -People who replace their friends disgust me
    -People who are rude in general are the worst kind and deserve to step on a crapton of legos

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