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  • Artist Info: Ohiyo.
    Note to people who read my profile:
    I can be one of the most annoying people in the world. lol. I love to write and have posted parts of some of my stories on Gaia. Also, I personally recommend crescentvampiremoon's writings because they are amazing. And AmayaUta12's stories too cause they are awesome. Ninja Kitty is my nick name at my youth group partly cause a very good friend of mine's little sister calls my hat with cat ears pig ears just to be annoying. My cat ears hat so does NOT look like a pig ears just so you know. I can't believe I'm saying this, but she is more annoying than me. I can't believe I admitted that. lol Any who, that's a piece of me. I have a really odd sense of humor, so if I say some thing and you don't get it, don't worry about it. You have to know me really well to get my humor all the time.Yep so, that's all I got for now. Later!!
    Sally Spearow
    P.S. I like pudding.
    P.P.S. I LOVE writing and sometimes just need to get away so I write about some one who is in a worse situation than me to make myself feel better. I will post some of these minis so if you like them let me know. Thanks.

    I've adopted a neko!
    Name: Sakura
    Likes: Cherry anything
    Dosn't like: Spiders
    Owner: Sally Spearow

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