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    Thanks for visiting my profile!
    I'm SaturnaliaSin, once Ensavondel
    You can feel free to call me Sin or Easter (pm for explaination?).

    A lot of times, I'll be using a male base, but first things first, I am a lady!

    Seriously, I'm a woman, but call me dude, bro, brohan, man
    I like pretty much anything, not much bothers me.

    Helping give out rates and avatar advice is one of my favorite things to do.
    You'll find me around Avatar Talk and in the Arenas the most.

    Music and video games are my main calling.
    I'm also into anime and manga
    about a million other fandoms/interests.

    I write, mostly fanfics, some original stuff
    Design and art sometimes, mostly dabble

    I collect dolls too!
    My favorite items are face mods, layering them is fun~
    I think strawberries are super cute but they taste awful.
    Why is something so cute so bad?!

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