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    I'm sorry, I really am. I apologize for being such a moronic asshole. I hope you all can forgive me some day. Forgive me if I've ever hurt you or said something that has caused you to feel any emotional discomfort, even in the slightest. I also apologize for venting to any of you, as it was rude of me and I'll do my best to prevent doing so if you ever speak to me in the future. I'll do my best to not make any rude references or word choices in reference to someone or something. I.. also apologize if this apology comes off as childish or anything other than a genuine apology, as i'm not sure how else to apologize.

    If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, thank you. I'd be honored to be your friend, but i'm afraid I may hurt you and I'd like to avoid that. So for now, i'll be leaving. It's for the best, that way I can't hurt anyone with my idiocy. Thank you for your time, and once again, I'm sorry.
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