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    Dream Avatar

    Thank you LOSTSOUL6666 for helping me complete my Dream Avatar~
    Also extra extra thank you for helping me get items off my wish list *^* Stop being so amazing and spoiling meeeeee


    Gaia Profiles I have made:
    Amnesia: Ukyo [fixed]
    Wand of Fortune: Alvaro
    Persona 4: Fem Narukami
    DMMd: Noiz
    DMMd: Allmate/Coil Bootup
    DMMd: Allmate/Coil Error
    Lamento: Konoe 01

    Next Project: Unknown

    [Current Profile: Alvaro]

    I accept requests but I will do them when I wish. They'll be added to the list once finished.

    ----------- PROFILES FIX AND BUGS -----------

    For anyone using an animated avatar in their profile please add #animated_item behind #profile .avatar, before the {.

    If you are seeing little image boxes in your comment section please add .caption:before, .caption:after, .caption2:before, .caption2:after{display:none;} to the bottom of your #comments section in the code.


    Do you use Tsu.co? If so I have a public account anyone can add and follow me on. If you don't know what Tsu is, it's the new social media website so check it out!~
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