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  • Artist Info: im in, in the most defined sense of the word, crazy, i love life.....
    i love to draw, write poetry, concoct and read stories, and surf
    i am a deep person, but am also very spazzy, and am prone to breaking out into bouts of randomness
    I am a christian, and I love God
    Im not perfect, and i dont try to be
    I luv all my friends <3333
    u will either love me or hate me, there is no in between
    i will never reject you, i will love u for who u are (:
    If u r girly, might b a good idea to stay away from me, I WILL punch u in the face smilies/icon_wink.gif
    I've been called emo, cuz im deep
    I've been called weird, cuz im different
    I've been called slutty, cuz i hang out with guys (cuz girls cause WAY too much drama)
    I've been called mean, cuz ill beat ur ass if u hurt me or my friends
    Just because im not like you, doesnt mean that there is something wrong with me
    I will never change the way i am
    I will keep forgiving someone, but there is a point, where i stop
    I am not afraid to stand up for my friends or what i believe in
    If u dont like me, thats ur problem, i really dont care smilies/icon_smile.gif
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