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    Greetings Earthlings:

    Well to make this interesting I am going to reveal a few secrets about me.

    First Secret: Whenever I feel awkward, I get this uncontrollable urge to fart.

    Second Secret: I browse through all the channels in my TV instead of watching something.

    Third Secret: I still play game boy color more than any other game out there.

    Fourth Secret: I want vibrating panties so bad.

    Fifth Secret: I was the one who stole your sock.

    Sixth Secret: I have a weakness for hot or cute girls with big butts and beautiful eyes. (I'm straight but, flirtatiously bi).

    Seventh Secret: I can grow a beard.

    Eight Secret: I have secret thoughts that plot against everyone, even myself.

    Ninth Secret: I love to roleplay and do tekteks.

    Tenth Secret: I like to cause chaos or happiness on a whim, depending on my mood.

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