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  • Artist Info: So, you wish to know about me huh? Well, come closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. God, what are you trying to do, make out with me? Back up. Back up more. Back up more. GOD! Come closer. OKAY! RIGHT THERE! STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! Ahem.

    Ahem, my name is Sam, although I go by Eva, mostly because Evangeline is my middle name and Evangeline is much more prettier than Samantha, so, I'm Eva. Call me Sam and I will murder you in your sleep. I'm Bisexual, and you morons who don't know what that means, I like both guys and girls. I currently reside in Washington, although it is my dream to move to Ireland. I'm Irish, German, and Native American, and I like to write. I wish to be an author one day. I'm a Gothmo, a mixture of Goth and Emo, and I used to be suicidal. No, I didn't cut myself, but I did attempt to kill myself multiple times. My life isn't perfect. I live with my mom and her stepdad, both are totally insane, I get horrible grades, I have more people that hate me than I can count on both my hands. Don't know why they hate me, they just do. I see my dad on the weekends, where I sleep on a couch while my stepsister gets the bed, and the only person in my family that's actually good is my older sister.

    I'm random and crazy, and I do stupid shit to impress stupid people. I don't have a religion, but if you ask me which one I like the best, I would have to say Wicca. My favorite animal is the Wolf, my favorite colors are black and purple, and I have this uncanny ability to tell when someone is about to make the biggest mistake of their life. I'm a very loyal friend, and if anyone messes with ANY of my friends, I'll kick their asses so hard they'll go around the earth four times and end up on the North Pole.

    Well, thats me. Don't like it? F u c k you. =D

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