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  • Artist Info: Jalin Taiga is a destined heroin(well,somehow) and luvs Naruto.

    Jalin: I luv to daydream, draw, make comics, make up stories and worlds, and think that I am a heroin(well, in my daydreams!) Well, in Naruto, my favorite male character is Neji Hyuga and my favorite female character is his cousin, Hinata Hyuga. I like Neji, because he is soo coooll!!! He has a different hairstyle than the other boys, has awesome techniques, and is part of Guy sensei's team(with Rock Lee and Tenten!) I also like Hinata because she is like me... we both are to shy to tell our secret luvrs that we like them, we both are wanting to show others what we can do, whether its saving the village(or world) from destruction and evil, or trying to get an A on a History test!, and we have friends that care about us!

    I usually daydream about being a world transporter, where I can go into other worlds, like in video games, tv shows, movies, books, and the worlds I create with my daydreaming mind and its imaginations. The newest one I have is about a girl named Katherine, who loves to daydream(like me!) and one night, her daydreams come true when she is destined to save all the worlds that she created and the world we live in today, after her brother, Nathan, is kidnapped by Nigtmarz andoid spider hencmen, who look like glass balls with paint brushes as legs and feet. along the way, she finds the hero inside her that was locked deep inside her dreams.

    Real girl: When im not destined heroin Jalin Taiga, im just my real person, Jocelyns the name. I do tae kwon do with my sisters, and like Jalin said, I luv to daydream, and I luv Naruto(the show!)

    Other things about me: I love to have my own room, I also like other manga and anime like Case Closed, Inuyasha, Tsubasa, Secret Agent Luna, Ouran High School Host Club, Slayers, Maximum Ride, Hetalia, Soul Eater, and more!

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