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  • Artist Info: My name is Jean Grey. I am the Host of the Phoenix Force. Life and Death are my burden to bear.I am Fire and Life Incarnate.
    From the Ashes I will Rise

    Name: Jean Grey/Summers
    Alias: Phoenix (White Phoenix-The Phoenix)

    Past Alias': Redd, Mrs. Psyche, Marvel Girl,Jeannie

    Place of Birth:Annadale-on-Hudson, New York , New York


    Weight: 115 lbs

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Red

    Identity: Publicly Known

    Education: College Degree from Xavier Institute

    Marital Status: Singal

    Occupation: Phoenix Force host, teacher, headmistress, student, model, adventurer


    Known Relatives:
    John Grey(father), Elaine Grey(mother), Sara Grey-Bailey(sister, diseased) Gaiylyn Bailey (neice, deceased) Joey Bailey(nephew, deceased), Scott Summers (ex-husband), Madelyne Pryor-Summers (deceased in comics, alive in Gaia....), Nathan Christopher Summers(cable, stepson), Stryfe (clone, stepson), Rachel summers (daughter, altenate timeline), Nate Grey(alternate timeline progeny, deceased), Dark Mother (alleged relative)

    Allies: Avengers, X-Men,Emma Frost,X-Force etc.
    Relationships(Past, Present) Logan(Wolverine), Scott(Cyclops), and Jason Wyngarde(Mastermind; under Dark Phoenix influence)

    Telekinetic- The ability to move objects with her mind, generate force fields, fly,simulate heat molecules to create concussive blasts, etc
    Telepathy- The ability to read other's minds, control them, project her thoughts, psionic blasts etc.

    Other Abilites:
    Phoenix Force Given-
    The ability to transmigrate through space and time, create huge concussive blasts, pyrokinetics, flight, etc.
    Since intwined to the Phoenix Force her powers were magnifyed to an unknown rate of power. The Force provides the energy of an infinite source of power. Jean Grey's connection to the Force means unlimited possibilities to how the power is used.

    Bio: Jean Grey was sent to the Xavier Institute when her powers of telepathic and telekinetic abilities manifested. At the Institute Xaveir put protective barriers around her astral plane to keep the powers in check. When the X-Men went on a mission in space she was exposed to radiation and would have died if the Phoenix Force had not chose to save her.
    The Force then copied her body and took a peice of her thoughts with it. While the body was sent into a cocoon of energy, the Force took up Jean's identity and aided the X-Men. Unfortunately the Force turned Dark and eventually the subconcious part of her mind commited suicide and shattered, while Jean's true body regaine conciousness.
    After months the Force became active again and sought out to put it's shattered body back together. It found a peice in Jean's body and joined with her once more. When the process was complete The Phoenix traveled to another dimension The White Hot Room and has since continued to look for the shattered peices.
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