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    My name is Kiyoko

    ~My age: you must be a friend

    ~Where I live: I must have trust in you

    ~Race: Ish Asian, but not telling

    ~I am funny, loving, and caring

    ~I love practically any music/songs, but mostly classical music. I don't really like hard metal or any type of metal and country (sorry if i offended anyone).

    ~I despise beggars, annoying people, random friend requests (in towns), and other gaian players who judge on looks.

    ~I don't give out donations to random people. Only to my closest friends or who has helped me in the past. (about 1-10k)

    ~I will accept gifts and donations in any price range. If you help me out, for sure I will help you in the later future.

    ~I would love some avi art. Send me a sample and tell me an offer.

    ~What I love to do on my free time is to play my wonderful classical intruments and draw or paint random things that comes to mind.

    ~I also play tinierme. My name is -Muted- if you want to add me to your 100 friend list goal. Plz first send me a pm saying where you come from (gaia or tinierme), and how you found me (mutal friend or at random).

    ~ I love and addicted to pokemon. I have all the games of pokemon. Every one of them! I even play pokefarm. The name is Milk Boba. I'm still a beginner, but I'm pretty much taking my time to lvl up my pokemon. On there I take any random friend requests, so you don't have to pm me or anything. Oh, and plz click on my pokemon on the very bottom of my profile. I will really appreciate it!

    ~I love to play zomg. I'm a lvl 10.0 so if you have trouble on a quest or you need a little teaching lesson on how to get started, then just go ahead and pm me.

    ~I make dream aviz are for free.Tell me first that you want a dream avi and I will give a list of Q's for you to answer. Some of my examples/dream aviz are on your left <------. (more Q's might be asked).

    ~`Fav. Quotes from "Aesop's Fables"`~

    "Quality, not quantity"

    "Self-help is the best help"

    "The dishonest get no credit, even if they act honestly"

    "You may change your habits, but not your nature"

    "Kindness is thrown away from evil"

    "False confidence often leads to disaster"

    "Traitors richly deserve their fate"

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