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    ~ ABOUT ME ~

    Hello and Welcome!
    I'm a mother and grandmother in my mid 40's.
    I'm disabled from S.I. Joint Syndrome and in
    severe chronic pain from it. I have Anxiety disorder
    and Mental Cloudiness, all due to past trauma.
    I also can't see well and I have copd, but not
    from smoking. It's due to having bronchitis
    and pneumonia too many times throughout
    my life.

    I am currently in the early process of creating
    my own professional cosmetics line.

    I love Photography, fashion & makeup,
    Victorian Gothic, fairies, vintage and antique dolls,
    dark or gothic colors, cemeteries, history,
    the odd and the weird, metal/hard rock music.

    I've been on Gaia since August 29, 2009.
    Feel free to talk to me anytime. I do not judge
    so please do not judge me.
    I will accept you the way as you are as long
    as you are respectful.

    Profile layout created by me. Please don't take anything
    from this page. If you like something let me know and I
    will try to help you out.
    Thank you

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