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    → Current Gaian Occupation: Operating a free avatar shop

    Hiya. I'm Pharaoh Misa, and welcome to my profile. I go by "Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki" on the internet, but my real name is Anisha. You can call me Misa though (or Pharaoh >w<) As of November 5th, I am now 21! (90s babies sound off!) And it doesn't feel any different from last year. ._. But, it's cool!

    I've been a Gaian since May 1st, 2008, as darkangelanisha, and later The_Pharoah_of_Twilight (my number one friend, of course). Unfortunately, March 18th, 2010, I must've fell for someone's trap and I was hacked. Luckily, I had created an account, THIS account, for the SIN vs BOO event of '09 (all hail her infernal majesty!) and I managed to salvage a few things before I was bumped off my original account. But, because once you join Gaia, you never get out, I returned sometime in 2011, where I began to nest in several different forums: first the CB, then Barton Town, then Charity/Quests, then Personalized Graphics, until I've managed to balance my Gaian life between the Chatterbox and the Avatar Talk, where I happily spend most of my time. Despite all the craziness that Gaia has become, I am happy to be a Gaian and proud to be back.

    I realize that my former "personality" section might've been too "edgy" and long and looking back on it, I see so many punctual and grammatical errors. Dx So, I've summed up all that edginess into five, simple sentences: 1) If you would like to get to know me: talk to me. 2) Do not believe that by talking to me for five minutes or hearing word of mouth about me, you are somehow the supreme deity of the universe and you know all there is to know about me. 3) I am very good at mirroring people's actions; if you want me to be nice, you should try being nice yourself. 4) Unless you hit certain topics HARSHLY, I'm not easily offended; if you are, I suggest you let me know in advance. And my favorite: 5) If you're going to be a dick, go away. These five sentences should help guide you in whatever relationship we have in the future.

    I am taken, happily, by the love of my existence, Arick, so let's not try that whole, oooo, wanna be my gf? Cause that sweet talk don't work on me huney (please get that reference). I make a lot of references, please get them all. I do enjoy a lot of things, references is one of them, and I have loads of fandoms (#TeamFangirl) including Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters (and the abridged series; especially the abridged series), The Vampire Diaries, Danny Phantom, Supernatural, Merlin, the Big Bang Theory, and much more. Be sure to ask me about them. I'm very open minded and I love getting into new things, so tell me about the stuff you adore, and maybe we'll adore them together. So, that's about it. Anything specific you'd like to know, you can always ask me. Thank you for taking the time to read this about me, and enjoy the rest of my profile; I worked reeeeallly hard on it...for about two and a half months.

    Pharaoh Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki
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