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  • Artist Info: Hullo there, stalker.

    I'll provide you with some information so that you won't have to go through my garbage can again.

    I'm a twenty year old Belgian person. I'm an arts student and therefore have no future whatsoever.

    Being an only child, I'm a spoiled, self-centered introvert who usually keeps conversation at a minimum. People tend to think I'm shy. Reality is that I'm usually not interested in conversation with uninteresting people, which basically covers 90% of the people I have to cope with.

    I'm a cynical bastard, but everyone says I'm funny because they think I'm joking. Quite convenient.

    I speak, in order of mastery, Dutch, English, French and German.

    I procrastinate my work by roleplaying, drawing, sleeping, reading, collecting skulls and watching anime.

    I have a 13 year old cat, my first pet. I can't remember a time when she wasn't around, and I abhor the day that I would have to part from her. Sadly, that day is coming closer.
    *sentimental music*

    Want to know more? TOUGH LUCK
    Or you could just ask.
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