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    ♫~ Hey everyone, I'm Sora please to meet you. I live in vancouver BC.

    Some stuff you might like to know is i'm a total otaku~ I love anime and manga, Also I'm a yaoi fan girl, your probaly asking yourself "Sora whats your favorite couple!!" Well young one I cant tell you that becuase Most of them are my favorite but heres a taste of what I like italy/germany, sasuke/naruto, canada/russia are some to name a few. And I'm an art freak I love art, modern or old. I also sing *aperently really well* I want be a singer when I grow up, but right now I need to focus on passing my first year of grade 8. I may be stupid when I comes to school but I smart were it counts, I'm smart in the fact I can be who I want and doesn't care what other people think about me! Well anything other things....no that about it, thanks for coming now get your shit and leave♥

    -Sora ~♫






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