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  • Artist Info: Mamoru is a strange man having grown up in a simple village town during the Late Tokugawa period of Japan were he witness the peaceful prosperity of the country, but later the isolation from the outside world. During his childhood, he practiced and studied illusion under his mother whom was a simple priestess. His small village had been caught in the cross-fire of the Shimbara Rebellion, which had resulted in the death of his mother.

    He left his village shortly there after as he continued to practice his craft and hone his skills, while adopting the Seven Virtues or ideals practiced by the Samurai that he traveled with. As he continued to train and experience new things, he was granted more tails as he gained wisdom through his aging.

    Now he travels the world hoping to stop anyone from being killed. A few years into his into his travels; he discovered his love of technology and his biological father, whom was a master thief. His father began to train him in the craft of information gathering and blackmail, which also lead to his knowledge of hacking. Although the times spent with his father weren't meant to last as Federal Agents broke into their home and arrested his father.

    Mamoru thought that he would surely end up in a federal prison like his father, but he discovered two abilities that helped him escape. These abilities dealt with his heritage, which allowed him to slip into the shadows and disappear complete from the area. Now he is on the run from the feds and finds himself in a strange world....
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