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    Marie D'Ancanto is introduced as an innocent girl from Meridian, Mississippi. She runs away from home after her power manifests- sending the boy with whom she shared her first kiss into a coma.

    Marie, now calling herself Rogue, attempt to hitch a ride with Wolverine after discovering that he too is a mutant. When he discovers her Logan agrees to take her where she needs to go in Canada. They bond during their short trip until the Brotherhood attacks and which point they are rescued by Storm and Cyclops of the X-Men.

    Involuntary Power Absorption: Can absorb the memories, knowledge, talents, personality and physical abilities (whether superhuman or not) of another human being (or members of some sentient alien races) through physical contact of her skin with the skin of the other person. She is not limited to absorbing superhuman abilities: for example, she has absorbed the strength, agility, and sharp reflexes of an enhanced human. She can also absorb psionic abilities. In absorbing another persons memories Rogue also gains the emotional responses connected to them. For the transfer of abilities to be accomplished, Rogue’s skin must contact the skin of her victim. Rogue can only absorb abilities and memories from living organic beings. She can possess the powers of several superhuman persons at once. No upper limit has yet been determined for the number of superhuman beings whose power she can maintain simultaneously, or for the amount of power that she can absorb. Rogue can even absorb gross physical characteristics from a victim. Her physical appearance does not change when she absorbs abilities and memories from a normal looking human being. The victim's abilities and memories are absorbed for a time sixty times longer than the period of time Rogue was in physical contact with that person.

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