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  • Artist Info: Hello! Name's Graced and welcome to my profile!
    I'm 13, and is going to 7th grade. I'm supposed to be in 8th but I was born late.
    I have a couple of hobbies. Swimming, dancing, singing, and writing. I love to read, but I'm quite sure that doesn't count as a hobby.
    I am currently learning how to ride a motor scooter! Its like a motorcycle, just not nearly as big and you don't have to shift.
    I have a thing for the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I have a slightly huge thing for that cat.
    I have a thing for school, like learning and such. The school I am in doesn't give me the right education that I should be getting so I'm getting all As and it is faaaaaaaaaaar to easy. Yay! Its good on my collage application.
    I live in Houston, Texas. That's all I'm going to say cuz' I know that there are A LOT of girls on Gaia in Houston.
    I have a lot of good friends. If ya' want to get to know me just send a PM my way. Or if you're looking for a good RP, I can send you in the right direction.
    I have a sister, 3 dogs, 4 cats and a ton of fish. Too much to take care of.
    I love music. Expecially singing. But anything that's got a good beat I can dance to, I will like.
    I dream of becoming someone big, but at the rate I am going at, I can't! I'm nearly dying in a normal life. I'd give anything for a change for the best! Being able to see my best guy friends from 5th grade would be the best!
    I am a nerd. Yep, I put it out there. But I am an awesome nerd.
    I'm also not very social... at all. 6th grade was a pain. A nussence. But it was fun though. When I offered to play football with the guys they laughed and I played then. But I never really talked. Kinda creepy.
    I had a boyfriend once... It was over spring break. We were at an acedemic camp and in the morning we would do work and in the afternoon do hiking and other things that you do on camp. While we were on a hike, this guy that was in my class started grabbing my sides and then running away. It tickled and I was determind to get my revenge. I chased him, and then he got me three times before I beaned him with a pinecone. After a while, the joking around stopped and I was sitting on the swings by myself, singing quietly. He came up and sat at a swing next to me and we started to talk. Like random stuff, like dreams. He told me that he had a dream about drowning me. I didn't realize what it had meant at the time. He was drowning me in things I don't know... I couldn't tell him I loved him, or hug him for that matter. Dinner, he told me on the way back to the cabins. I freaked and ran back to the girl's cabins and told everyone. They giggled and nearly tackled him when he came out of his cabin. I left early the next morning. I felt uncomfortable and went home. What kind of coward am I??
    I am a blonde. Its natural and short. My shoulders are imbetween and I'm not fat or skinny. I'm 5 foot 1 inch and a half. Noth special about me accept for my eyes. They change color and I wear glasses.
    I love manga. Beauty Pop, Anima, Skip-Beat, Orphen, Crimson Hero, Boys over Flowers, and High School Debeut.
    Reading this part just made you waste 5 seconds of your life.
    Well, thanks for reading and leave a comment!

    Total Value: 7,860,558 Gold
    [Item Information]

    Item List:
    Kanoko\'s Nightmares
    Bellissimo Pianoforte
    Peisinoe\'s Discant
    Peisinoe\'s Discant
    Mona\'s Potion

    Total Value: 22,139,189 Gold
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    Item List:
    Cerynitian\'s Blessing
    Kanoko\'s Nightmares
    Night\'s Knight
    Daisy\'s Dark Hair
    Phasing Lily
    Night\'s Knight
    Keiongaku Style

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    Fairy Wings
    Magical Girl
    Frigid Sprite
    Bubble Power Transform!
    Aoi Cache Pants
    Blue Lowtoppies
    Louie\'s Light Blue Blouse
    Secret Retreat
    Space Channel Gaia

    Total Value: 7,366,885 Gold
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    Item List:
    Monochrome Keido
    SDPlus #80 Sheryl Orange
    Labu Necklace
    Red Leather Strapped Manties
    Alruna\'s Rose 3rd Gen
    Hyde\'s Bloodlust
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