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  • Artist Info: All my bestest friends agree that i am funny, sarcastic, and an interesting person once you get to know me. I'm here to make new friends. Warning: I am a pyromanic! I love rock! Music is my life! I play electric guitar and when something important happens to me I write a song or poem about it. My name is Rachel; but I really like my middle name - Noelle. Please call me that and I'll love you forever <3!


    -Heavy Metal
    -Some Classical
    -Harry Potter
    -The Lord of the Rings
    -mlia.com (my life is average)
    -the mall
    -working out
    -cross country
    -Ninjas smilies/icon_ninja.gif
    -flamable objects
    -favorite color- purple, because technically black is a shade
    -Green Monster
    -Mountain Dew
    -too much stuff

    No likes:

    -Country music
    - rap
    -being put down or depressed (doesn't happen often...my ego is too high
    -extremely girly shades of pink


    -Miley Cyrus
    -Justin Beaver
    -inflamable objects
    -too much homework
    -slow computers
    -Crazy Exes
    -when people mess with me or my friends!
    -cleaning my room (its too much work!)
    -salad eating chicks (how can you go to a fancy restaurant with awesome steaks and stuff and only order a salad?!! LIVE PEOPLE!! LIVE!!!)
    -Spelling (im horrible at it!)
    -People who hate homosexuals as I am lesbian.

    Realationship status:

    single ( x )
    taken ( )

    You say prep
    I say emo/goth
    You say pink
    I say black
    You say Zac Effron
    I say Amy Lee
    You say Paris Hilton
    I say wtf?
    You say Rap
    I say Rock
    You say Hannah Montana
    I say Gerard Way
    You say im weird
    I say im different


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