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    "This is the only sun you will ever seen again. But a millennium of nights will be yours to see light as no mortal has ever seen it, to snatch from the distant stars, as if you were Prometheus, an endless illumination in which to understand all things."
    -Marius to Amadeo; The Vampire Armand By Anne Rice

    I am your Death as well as your Destruction- mingling with me will result in irreversible contamination. Is that what you desire? Is it....what you came here for?

    What more is there to say then?

    Come to me.....


    Off into the Dark as we fade to Black...


    The Vampire motions for the young boy, once orphaned, to come near.
    "Alessio, my darling boy. Come."
    The cold, hardened vampire takes her young protégé by the hand
    "My beautiful one, I shall teach you everything I can- everything I know- about this world and what I've seen of it. You shall have the best teachers, and anything your heart desires, name it, and it shall be yours."
    The young boy smiles humbly and admiringly at his mistress as they walk away together, never realizing the monster that lies behind the façade.
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