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    Hi hi! ^^ Welcome to my profile. I guess I'll start by writing the fact that I'm a girl XD. I enjoy anime and manga and I'm a sucker for cute things. I adore skiing and have been doing so ever since I was two years old (yes, I started skiing when I was two =3). I do competitive swimming (as in, training for meets... so hard x.x) and I play piano and the alto saxophone. For some odd reason, I've always had a fascination for space. I LOVE mysteries, nice cars (Bugatti Veyron is such a good car ><), and British accents. Idk why, i just do... I really like pi too >< (no, i ish not a nerd, pi just happens to be awesome... so DEAL WITH IT!! lol, jk...) My favorite colors are green, red, black, and yellow. Also, I can be pretty lazy sometimes... DX Someday, I want to learn to break dance! (shut up, that isn't weird. TT^TT that stuff is EPIC! I can't dance so i really want to learn how to do at least SOMETHING... D: ) Oh, and also, I'm not good at starting conversations with people, so if you want to talk, you can start it ;]


    Current Obsessions:
    1. Harry Potter
    2. muse
    3. Detective Conan
    4. Lucky Star
    5. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
    6. Japanese
    7. Tennis

    Haha... obsessions are so much fun XD

    Things I hate:
    1. make-up
    2. shopping (unless it's for video games)
    3. Bad marks
    4. Hannah Montanna
    5. Twilight
    6. The Jonas Brothers
    7. Chain Letters (don't you DARE post any on my profile D:<)

    NOTE: No offense to all you people who like/love/are obsessed with anything on the list above... it's just my opinion -_-"


    OH! I forgot... I <3 sweet things (examples: cinnamon rolls, pocky, chocolate, pie, etc..)
    Hm... I think that's it. ^^ If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer (depending on the question, of course :] )

    Mmkays... & a shakalakaboom... byees!~
    Thank you for taking some of your time to read all this and learn a bit about me ^^ Feel free to buddy me and to post comments!!

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