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  • Artist Info: you wanna know about me huh? well, I'm 26 I live in Ga, and I've been on gaia for 11 years now, i have several other accounts on here mostly mules, such as rooky ninja, tigerkat 2006 and child of the dead666...and as you can well see this account I'm on now is my main account, and it will always be until something bad happens that is! my favorite bands are green day, three days grace, 30 seconds to mars, linking park, and my chemical romance!!! i also love anime i have so many favorites its so hard to name them all!!! but to name a few (my most favorites)..fullmetal achlemist (fma), inuyasha, fruits basket, and DNangel!!! there are more but I'm to lazy to wright them down...lol..oh! i also have two Japanese bands/singers i like as well, they are gackt and malice maizer..smilies/icon_xd.gif....and please if you are someone who is going to try to beg gold off me, i suggest you don't because i will not give it to you, unless i think you deserve it or something...and I DON"T LIKE NOOBS!!!! STAY AWAY OR I'LL BITE YOUR HEADS OFF!!!!.................oh! did i just say that out loud?...........sorry - laughs nervously-........but anyways...i like drawing, writing stories/poetry and stuff like that...i also loooove and i mean looooove to be random..being random is like my life!!!...well i guess that's enough about me huh? smilies/icon_xd.gif.. oh! oh! ps...I'm also a big spaz and love saying perverted things...(don't blame me, blame my perverted friends...lol )

    Kurochan the shiba inu complete!!!
    Anon 36mil via an item
    Axel Fenrir 1bil

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