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    What are you looking at?
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    I might read it or ignore it >.<
    I'm suppose to be innocent ^__^
    Would you like some ramen while you look at my profile?
    No? How about sushi, dumplings, rice?

    Please donate! You're probably thinking....why would a donate to this noob? Well if you love noobs..please donate! Or just..... donate~! :3
    I collect paper believe it or not xD So send me any.
    I usually spend time on Gaia towns, struggling to catch bugs. I also spend time playing zOMG for gold ^.^

    I don't own any of the images or the background O.o

    Donaters so far: (sorry if I don't write your name cuz I know I'm missing someone smilies/icon_crying.gif)
    A Box of Sexy - Black Champagne Festive Top Hat smilies/icon_heart.gif
    spin925 - 25k smilies/icon_heart.gif
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