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  • Artist Info: Spell your name and see what it means:
    A: hot
    B: loves people
    C: good kisser
    D: makes people laugh
    E: has gourgeous eyes
    F: really wild and crazy, adore you
    G: very outgoing
    H: easy to fall in love with
    I: loves to laugh and smile
    J: is really sweet
    K: really silly
    L: smile to die for
    M: makes dating fun
    N: loving and caring
    O: has one of the best personalities ever
    P: popular with all types of people
    Q: hyperactive
    R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
    S: cute
    T: very good kisser
    U: is very sexual
    V: not judgmental
    W: very broad minded
    X: never let people tell you what to do
    Y: is loved by everyone
    Z: can be funny and sweet at times

    My name is Karen:
    K: Really Silly
    A: Hot
    R: Good Girlfriend
    E: Has Gourgeous Eyes
    N: Loving and Caring

    My nickname is princess:
    P: Popular With All Types of People
    R: Good Girlfriend
    I: Loves to Laugh & Smile
    N: Loving and Caring
    C: Good Kisser
    E: Has Gourgeous Eyes
    S: Cute
    S: Cute
    A: Hot

    ╬♥═╬ ρυт тнιs
    ╬═♥╬ σи υя ρяoƒιLє
    ╬♥═╬ ιƒ υ L♥v Sυмonє
    ╬═♥╬ Soooo мυ¢н!!!!
    ╬♥═╬ N υ ¢αи't Sтoρ
    ╬═♥╬ тнiикiиɢ вoυт
    ╬♥═╬ тнαт ρєrsoи!
    ╬═♥╬ L♥v υ 4єvα!!

    I love everyone, except mean people, mean people are mean.....self explanatory...hehehe
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