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  • Artist Info: I love to surf the web and I belong to numerous worlds like Millsberry, Runescape, ClubPenguin, Dragon Fable, etc.

    I read. A lot.

    I like being alone. But I don't always like to be lonely.

    I'm cautious online and reckless off.

    My favorite clors are black, silver, blue and red.

    I'm a sort of emo. Some of my friends call me goth, though I'm really not. I don't cut at my wrists or anything. Really I guess I'm just a dark punk.

    Just to add: I'm not completely insane. I don't want to kill myself. I believe life has a purpose, a meaning. We're not just pawns in God's cruel game of life. We have to live for something. I just don't know what.
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