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  • Artist Info: you may think that just because this profile isnt amazing like others you've happened to see on gaia here, it means that im not amazing as well. now how to prove you wrong...well that all depends on your point of view. your decision of what to make of me is all on you. but really, to me, it isnt that much of a big deal, unless you confront me about it with hateful sayings smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif and i dont really need that. who does anyway? idk. but i'll find out eventually. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif smilies/icon_ninja.gif

    random hugs are nothing but creepin up on people who deserve them.
    gibberish is the imaginative side of english
    we're all gonna be fish again one day, you know, reverting the evolution process..
    i super love any manga/anime that piques my interest. i'll watch or read it any time i can.
    is it sad that i hate walking?
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