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  • Artist Info: General
    Full Name: Agito/Akito Wanijima
    Nicknames: Agito/Akito
    Profession/Class: None
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Alignment: None
    Demeanour:(Akito) Peace (Agito) Rage
    Weapon/Magic of Choice: TBA

    Eye Color: Amber
    Hair Color: Blue/Gray
    Age: 19
    Birthmarks or Scars: none
    Predominant Feature: Hair and eyes
    Build: Slight but muscular
    Skin Quality: fair

    Influences: (Agito)Death (Akito)Life
    Likes: (Agito)(Akito)Running
    Dislikes: sitting in one place too long
    Goals: none
    Strengths: Speed
    Habits: sitting in high places
    Weaknesses or Flaws: Dual personalities
    General Personality: (Agito) An independant person who loves to hunt humans. (Akito) Needs to be accepted by as many people as he can.

    Father: Dead
    Mother: Dead
    Siblings: One Brother
    Lover: None
    Other Family: None
    Companions or Pets: None

    General History: When Akito was fifteen his brother killed the rest of his family and locked him in a cage for a year. In that time Akito's mind cracked, and to stay somewhat sane he was forced to adopt the persona of Agito. Agito is a ruthless killer that is verry independant, Agito needs t ohave someone to guide him or he will be lost. The only way to tell the two boys apart is the eye patch they wear. Of the patch covers the right eye it is Aktio that is in control, and it is the reverse for Akito.

    After a while Agito got fed up of dealing with Akito's brother. The man told the boys to kill whoever he wanted and they had to or else the punishment was severe. Agito broke free from the cage and ran, far from the life they had and came upon this place.
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