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  • Artist Info: Hey there! Looks like you stumbled upon the profile of Krashmat. If you want to waste your time learning about me than here you go:
    1. Im an anime artist
    2. Im obsessed with anime
    3. My favorite is Death Note (obviously)
    4. My best friends on here are Hooleygin and Animegal555 and I loves them lots.
    5. The music I listen to the most is techno and rave
    6. I draw avie art. my host is Megal.
    7. I am currently writing a book. wont tell the title or abouts so no one will steal.
    8. I love making friends but hate ignorant people on CB or GD
    9. << that sexy beast over there is me. If you think Im hideous I dont blame you, but I also dont care.
    10. I love to roleyplay, PM me for a go?

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