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    There is NO SUCH THING as a Gaia tracker.
    It does NOT exist. So quit posting stupid PMs like
    "OH-EM-GEEEEE this WORKS!!!"
    No, it doesn't. Dumbasses

    To the people who have like 25,000 friends,
    Are you serious?
    You're stupid.
    Go play in traffic.

    Don't ever post pictures and say
    "OMG, I'm so ugly"
    "OMG, I'm so fat"
    Because if you were,
    You wouldn't post them.
    And if you do you're a ******** mongoloid.

    Nobody cares about threats over the internet.
    Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard.
    Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics;
    even if you win, you're still retarded.

    Making 20 journal/comments/PMs a day,
    about how you hate other people,
    Because you're not on their friends list.
    Who the ******** cares?
    IT'S ******** GAIA!!!!

    Who really gives a crap if
    I don't accept you as a friend?
    MOVE ON!!!
    Don't send me another request or a PM asking
    "What's up with you not adding me?"
    I don't want you as a friend;
    That's what's up!

    Little 4th graders who have Gaia,
    and look like sluts,
    go somewhere else,
    because nobody wants you here.

    If you have decided to read this,
    you are a true Gaia Friend.
    Real friends read their Emails.

    I say you go and pass this on
    and maybe it will finally get through people's brains
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