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      • /* Last Update: 08/12/2013 */
        Previously Nomalimae
        Heya. If you're reading this to get to know me better, you're wasting your time.
        I'm a person. I do things. I like stuff. I used to code, but I'm way out of practice. I made this profile a few years ago with the awesome proofing help of Swell Sundae. I could try to start again, but don't get your hopes up.

        Anyway. I hate a lot of things, and I talk about those more than the things I actually like. I find arguing to be exhausting, and I frequently back out just because I don't want to deal with a persons stupidity. You didn't win; I think you're an effing moron.

        Oh, I curse like a sailor. Deal with it.

        If you can get past all this blunt nonsense about me, then we'll get on fine. Why sugar coat it? I complain a lot, I hate a lot of stuff, but I also like a lot of things. Hit me up with a pm or a friend request.