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  • Artist Info: Hey everybody!
    My name is Lauren! Here are some snippets about me
    1. My favorite color is blue
    2. I live in a chilly place
    3. I really like SKITTLES!
    4. My favorite game to play on my DS is Pokemon Red Rescue Team
    5. I love drawing
    6. I LOVE Adventure time
    7. I'm 13 years old
    8. I yell at my TV, Brush, Phone, etc.
    9. I adore my family and friends
    10. I have an art shop, check it out! (#DALTY+NAVAJO)
    11. My humor is extremely immature
    12. I would love to go to an Anime Convention

    Wanna check out some art? Click here: www.strawburryzilla.deviantart.com

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