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    Greetings, and welcome.
    I would request a handshake, but I am merely text on a screen who's sole purpose is to use vocabulary to make an attempt at describing my creator.

    Starbyunn is a rather introverted sensible young female who homes a rather sarcastic humor and is gifted with the talent of looking into the hearts of others.
    Her true smarts and strengths show through her cunning mind and sharp mechanical abilities.

    She tends to be a little more jovial and optimistic when offline.
    She is much more open towards her friends and family, and is excitable, whimsical and caring towards them. She dislikes being in the center of attention, and get's embarrassed very easily.

    Starbyunn cherishes Her Friends, Family, and Religion, The Internet, Video Games, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Reading, and her favorite music.

    (Starbyunn does dislike an amount of things, but has decided they aren't worth her valuable time or effort to even bother typing down.)

    Thank you kindly for your precious time, and have a lovely night.

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