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  • Artist Info: Birthday: 02/26/1989

    So, yes, I'm Emanuelle. I live in Denmark, though I spend a lot of time in the U.S. (I go to private school there). The one standing next to me is
    Arden Snow, who I knew way back in the first grade (and hated). Then he found me online about a year ago. He's changed a lot, and we became friends (...I don't know if I can say again, since I couldn't stand him before). His avatar...yeah, that's pretty much what he looks like in real life. He likes to keep his avatars realistic. But, anyway, if you want to know about him, you should visit his profile.

    So, a few things about me...

    The first thing to note is that I am very much obsessed with Hellsing...with Alucard especially. I'm sure that's pretty evident. Anyway, the story of how I became obsessed with Alucard is a long one that I won't go into at the moment, but if you ever want to have a long conversation about him in the forums, I'm the first person you should invite. In general, I'm really into anime. Hellsing (the OVAs, not the anime), Gankutsuou, Nana, Ergo Proxy, Wolf's Rain, Trinity Blood, Blood , Elfen Lied, etc.... But Hellsing is and will always be my favorite.

    Next, I love pinball. I'm not sure if I'm a master yet.... In Gaia Pinball, is 7,429,675 a very high score? I usually get up there in the millions when I play. smilies/icon_smile.gif The first couple of days I was on Gaia, I made a habit of giving away the armadillos I won, but now I collect them. They hang out together in my house. So if you ever want to challenge me, please do invite me to the room you're in and we'll have a pinball competition.

    Other than that, I read (a lot), I draw (I need to post some of my art), I write, I dabble in a lot of different things. I listen to a lot of music (Buck-Tick!!), and procrastinate. If you want to get to know me more, friend me. You can check out my music and AMVs on imeem.com (as Emanuelle Simeon) or visit me on YouTube (as OnceNefarious) to favorite my AMVs (if you like). Thanks for stopping by.

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