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    "My name is Diana. As of last year around December, I became the age of 24. WOOT!"

    "I am a Furry. I love Panda's. Their so cute with their pot bellies and the black and white fur. I bet their fluffy too..." Drools.

    "I like anime as you can tell. Reading and playing video games are also something I enjoy. Games from consoles to computer ones, also card games and LARPS. Depends more on the LARPS because not all are good.. And as of late, Otome style games. I can't help it... They suckered me in and I am all the more happy to go with it's flow."

    "My hair is on the shaggy side along with curls and thickness about it. Blue eyes along with a pale face. Pale face mostly because I don't get out much. Hehe."

    "I am single. Dating is not getting me anywhere, but I will not give up anymore. I shall keep trying because not doing anything about it, wont change the issue. Just know, I am a Furry. Got a problem with it, then piss off!"

    "I don't love anyone. No celebrity crushes or anything."

    "Give me Dimmu Borgir, Dir En Grey or my favorite, Velvet Hammer. (If you don't know them, please re-frame from bad mouthing this band. I will go anal on your ass if you do.), Unter Null and Ali Project. Yes, my music is very... broad as you can tell. HEHE!"
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