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    I'm Sami, but most people call me Twi, Avory/Avy, Kai, or Xue.<br />
    I have a lot of good friends. Too many that I probably wouldn't be able to list them all.<br />
    I've donated to many people but I don't just donate to anyone.<br />
    I'm 15, almost 16.~ <br />
    I LOVE Kuroko no Basuke, Ace of the Diamond and Kuroshitsuji! c:<br />
    I sing every day. It's a habit of mine, But I love doing it.<br />
    Yes, I'm a girl.<br />
    My favorite colors are Lime Green,Purple, and black.<br />
    My favorite song is... I Can't think of one. o3o<br />
    I always have garbage in my inventory ask and I'll send<br />
    I watch Tv and listen to music at the same time as playing a game with volume<br />
    I play xbox, GT is Kai Kaname<br />
    Haruna Niekawa & Alois Trancy-<3<br />
    I am highly allergic to dust, but I don't think you care. <br />
    I play the guitar and drums<br />
    I hate rap and love techno/K-pop/J-Rock<br />
    Used to roleplay, cba to do it again.<br />
    Don't sass me, I aint your mama.<br />
    I'm a tekteker.<br />
    I play zOMG<br />
    Come bother me with a comment.<br />
    Need to talk about it privately?<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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