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    hey everyone,
    i like to keep a certain amount of privacy
    so i'm not going to say that much.

    but i like to
    hang out with friends
    and play volleyball
    and read
    and play cards
    and vegetate in front of my computer
    and tektek
    and ignore capitalization
    and overuse the word "and"
    and lots of other things,
    that i won't list because i'm being lazy.

    i also love art,
    both giving and receiving.
    and anyone who attempts to draw
    any of my avatars is very brave.
    brave people counter: 32
    beautiful art received

    my favorite color is indigo.
    if you want to know more, just talk to me-
    it's not like i'm going to make
    one of those clich├ęd jokes about my biting habits.

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