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  • Artist Info: ~ Introduction ~

    Hi, I'm Luna. My interests don't really consern you, but whatever. I guess I'll tell you anyways.

    I like to put everything in profile form, so it's easier to get the information you want to know, out. (and you don't have to read everything like in a text book.)

    ~ Roll Play Info ~

    Name: Luna of the Mist

    Occupation: Akatsuki member/S-ranked criminal

    Looks: Red hair, red eyes, pail skin, Jashinist.

    Likes: Little Japanese cakes and diserts, obbsessed with long hair,
    organization/sorting, and killing. (short people are adorable)
    Dislikes: Perverts, dumb people, annoying people, most of my brothers (THATS RIGHT, ADDISON AND ADAM!!! I KNOW YOU HACKED MY ACC!!!) and preps.

    Hobbies: Going on the computer, drawing, and assasinations.

    MSN: none

    MySpace: none

    E-mail: I'm not telling. (damn stalkers....)

    Personality: Hates random people, good with come backs, sticks up
    for the weak, caughs blood randomly, kind to some
    people. (Not really a people person.)

    ~ Things I Say A Lot ~

    Bitch: female dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are nature, and nature is beautful.

    I'm tarrable at spelling, deal with it.

    If you can't handle rudness, go die in a hole.

    I'm going insane and I'm taking you assholes with me.

    Friends try to talk you out of doing crazy things, true friends are right there with you in jail, telling you how bad you both screwed up.

    When life gives you lemons, take the juice and squirt it in your enemie's eyes.
    (Again, I suck at spelling -.-)

    ~ My First Random Moment ~

    I like pie......

    Tobi is a good boy ~ <3

    ~ Favorite Anime and Manga's ~

    Naruto Shippuden
    FullMetal Alchimest
    Jade of Bango
    V.B Rose (Velvet Blue Rose)
    Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch
    Kaze Kami Kito Jeane.

    ~ Favorite Songs ~

    (Look at my playlist, those are some of the songs)

    "Inside the Fire" by Disterbed (Going to a consert in April)

    "Believe in Heaven" sung by Deidara's voice actor

    "I wish" sung by Sasori's voice actor

    "Sleepless Night" sung by Deidara's voice actor

    "Shi no Jundo" sung by Zetsu's voice actor

    "Bad Blood" sung by Tobi/Madara's voice actor

    ~ Ending ~

    Well, have fun checking out the rest of my boring profile.... I don't like fish so I got rid of my tank (no, not an army tank... I would never get rid of one of those heh.....)
    I tried to add icons of the Akatsuki around it, but they didn't show up.. TT~TT
    Anyways, if you liked my profile lay out, go ahead and leave a message. I'll be sure to go to your profile and leave a comment, too.
    Thanks people, and bye~!

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