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  • Artist Info: hey quick little bio here:
    THINGS I LIKE:Astrology, Vocaliods, J-pop, Good Charlotte, Rascal Flatts, Diamond Rio,and other music that sounds good (i luv techno!), naruto,bleach,deathnote, lovely complex, lucky star, toradora,K-on, Shugo chara and other anime/manga [especially yotsuba&!] kingdom hearts is my favorite game series (woot major Axel fan!) though i do enjoy Cing games like Hotel Dusk i'm waiting for the newest to come out in english..
    THINGS I LAUGH AT: guys who add me to their ZOMG crew cause i have a cute avatar (it's fun to watch thier faces when i kick animated butt..) shows like Scrubs and Big Bang Theory, and Shoaran- kun on Cardcaptor Sakura smilies/icon_smile.gif also blonde jokes (oddly because im blonde i dont find them offensive)
    THINGS I HATE: chihuahuas eww... melted chocolate in my pocket and excessive cussers
    FAV COLOUR: purple
    FAVORITE ANIMAL: okapis and Rabbits!
    thats it see ya!
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