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  • Artist Info: Hai our names are Alice && Carlie >.< we are StepSistuhs and Share Acc. yeah we are that close lol. >.< Alice Status is Apperantly Taken Dudes by the one and only Smexxeh Cookeh >.< tehehe new name iiRapeHer <3 Alice is a Pretty Funneh girl she really hates noobs idk why lol she really doesnt know how to put an outfit together buht What the Hell >.< she Loves Metro Station and All American Rejects [kelsey && Gives you Hell] shes really Nice Sometimes lol. she makes Ramdom Jokes... shes a really kwl person to hang with ^_^ she makes me laugh [Carlie] Alot. >.< behinq the Screen lol.. && ofcourse Shes a Geek >.< lol.. thats why i think Cookeh loves her lol..

    Ello gaian FREAKS!!! Letme explain to yoo bout CARLIE
    she ish very outqoinq and she ish very very very pretty....... nd she likes to write qoutes she is like so freakin awesome at times i repeat AT TIMES!!!!;D well she has boyfriend who ish a boy who ish a friend she GROPES && RAPES him the dudes name ish ROBERT aka x_X The_Pervy_Sage_x_X i think lol xD they are freakin besties with benefits they areweird and crazy ohhh did i tell you she has a hamster named hunka munka they are both lazy omg ;O weird.... she wears glasses it kinda looks like those emop glasses from here kinda FREAKUH and well im tired of writting so ima stop okie well BYE!!!!! ;D

    -------------------------SIGHING OFF------------------------------

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