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    LOOK! It's BuuTobbles! . .

    Hai to you over there! My name is BuuTobbles. I am a very fun-loving girl. I strongly dislike anything too girly. I am known to be calm and cool ... until someone shoves something that I like in my face. Then, I'm a totally different person. Cool and calm is no more and I become happy and bubbly. I have a problem when I get mad because I can't stay mad for at least another 10 - 20 seconds. XD

    I don't act like a child. I just don't like acting all mature and grown up. It's to dull for my taste. I am 14 years old, going on to 15 in March. I am naturally short. I kick it in Canada, ON. AND! I am a freaking asian! 8 D
    Actually ... I am Canadian and Vietnamese. A little bit korean but I can't understand it or speak it. Go me. ><"

    On Gaia, I am a fisher and a vendor. I am currently trying to exchange but I refuse to like it. Also, I have been on Gaia since 2005. So don't call me a noob or newbie. Those are all misunderstanding words. I came back to gaia though and found that many things changed ... big time. I mean .. What's up with the cash shop?! Gaia could do so much better ... Or thats what I thought ... =

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