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    Killing balances the earth. If no one would kill the earth whould soon over flow. When I kill, I kill to feel like I'm alive. When you think of killing you probably think it is rude to kill ending someone's life ended to early. I think I am puting someone out of there pain on this horrible planet. Everyone has to die sometime so let them get it over, with see how that works?

    Hiya, I'm Gabster. Posers really irritate me. Well, everyone who lables themselfs or other people, other then human beings irritates me in general.

    My favorite bands are Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Descendents, All, Dwarves, and Megadeth.

    I'm not very smart or pretty so I have nothing really going for me in this world. I would one day want to make documentries or be a cosmetologist. Or atleast make people feel good about themselfs.
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