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    Whats up Peeps
    Hi I'm GodZilla and I'm Awesome .vv.
    Dino selfie
    Here is a little bit about me that I totally did not steal and edit from da-eh's profile.
    i'm a huge dork

    i'm a very old dinosaur
    i'm really lame

    i like a lot of things, most of them are nerdy
    godzilla and starwars are cool

    sleeping, food, stealing da-eh's about me, cats, tv shows (firefly, star trek tos and tng, hannibal, gravity falls, steven universe, it's always sunny, twd, doctor who, buffy) video games (pokemon, 999, animal crossing, fantasy life, phoenix wright, professor layton, borderlands, fable, dragon age) and various animu (cowboy bebop and kaleido star are da favs)

    waking up early, cheese, babies, thirst

    we should be friends or something
    Feel free to Pm me or Leave a comment~
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