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  • Artist Info: FORMERLY:
    Cpt_Balthi3r (Yay FF12)
    Grac3ful_Assass1n (Yay KH)
    Kl0noa_Sunstrid3r (Yay.. Wow & Klonoa)
    K1ng_0f_Sp4rgus (Yay Jak and Daxter)
    Virtas_Threin (ORIGINALITY!!! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif THANKS JESSE. <3)

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    I enter into the Cosplay Avatar Arena. A LOT.

    They call me Michael.(sometimes)

    I currently call the state of North Carolina my home. I'm one of the laziest people on the planet. I read a lot of books and play quite a few video games.I am in love with Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. I like to draw when I'm in the mood and listening to music usually goes hand and hand with it. If you wanna talk about something after reading this, then go for it.

    Stashed away in my Journal, is my tiny collection of avatar art along with a very outdated log of my cosplays I've entered into the Avi Arenas.

    Below is the junk that's on my desk, if you care about that kinda crap;

    Cases, Books, Games, and Movies:Gungrave Complete Series, Game of Thrones Seasons 1 & 2 Blu-Ray, RvB Season 10, Legend of Korra Season 1, LotR Trilogy, Hobbit pt1 Blu-Ray, FFVII; Advent Children COMPLETE, World War Z(book), FFXIII-2 Collector's, GTA V Special Edition, Halo Visual Guide, 50th Anniversary Edition of the Hobbit(worth a pretty penny), Zelda DS XL Bundle, Adventure Time Collector's Edition, ACNL, KH3D, LoZ OoT, LEGO LotR, MH3U, Pokemon X, Project X Zone, Resident Evil Revelations, Tales of the Abyss
    Other stuff:Wireless Earbuds, Super Megaforce Legendary Morpher, Megaforce Morpher, and 20th Anniversary MMPR Morpher, JON FUCKING SNOW

    LIKES: Lord of the Rings, Eatting, Reading, League of Legends, Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Gokaiger, other shows

    DISLIKES: Too many things.


    HerpedYourDerpp - 19mil, So much stuff, I've forgotten what.
    TheBoundWomen - Peter's Youth
    Sephiroth/Black Caped Man - One Winged Soldier, Nano-C
    Izzy/Chum Da Chum - Prized Possessions
    Sanguine Roku/Fish With A Knife - Fremere's Guard
    yukki_okami - 4k, Ancient Katana
    xX-Epic-Fail-Xx - Art, Nico's Undies, Sleepytime Starry Night Bed, Noel's Gift 5th Gen, Blaze Cluster
    x- Morgasim -x - 47k, Fremere's Guard 3rd Gen
    iJynxChan - 5161g
    Di Vei - 500k..... HOLY SHIT!
    (.Cocoa.Powder.) - 21k
    Erithan - Gilt Thorns
    Bowies in Space - Panda Hoodie
    Das Ether - Talsi's Sash
    Illuminated Dreamer -50k
    neko-sama91 - November 2010 Thank You Letter
    Inertial Bliss - G-Can
    SparklingBananaJuice - 15k, Nicolae Undies
    Wolfer - avi art, guild help, ~20k
    iOrgansmicrainbow - 50k,Limit Breaker
    William Cain - Mythrill Armor, 250k, 25k
    Wintzi - 10k
    Sh3lrock - 34k, Legion Armor
    Noctis XIII - Blade Black Boots, avi help
    Sexual Harrasment Clown - 14k, 8k, name help, Dead Parade, Plasma Gear, Green Acinonyx, Wizarding School, other stuff.
    Mystery Person - Red/Orange Sun Visor

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