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    idk man i'm just a viking princess

    i like cats and food and being lazy

    sometimes i cruise the cb for babes

    making friends is also pretty cool if you're nice

    I'm questing all of the Orin/Orindae/Orinkage items except Prince Orin (i have three already) and all the cupcakes from the Buttercup Cafe. Any help would be greatly appreciated and met with a hearty yodel. c:

    by siider

    by Fae Rwn

    G-lo the Menace Wrote:
    yeah one time i saw a fat hairy dude at the community pool and i got a boner but i didnt even want to smilies/icon_sad.gif

    mildouche jr Wrote:
    i want some handsome rugged men who aren't like "ooo i'll get a job next week..ooo i'll apply for school next year" smilies/icon_stressed.gif

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