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    i practice quite a few martial arts but CQC and systema are my preference
    i'm starting to get a few hours in with my machete and natural bow making .

    some days i'm the goofiest black guy you'll ever meet others i'm that evil fucker from back in my LA days but i'd never flip out on my friends or family no matter what (i can still recognize who's important to me no matter what mood i'm in )

    i draw and at certain times it can be pretty pervy.
    it's not like i fap to the shit but every so often the naked body does seem to grab my attention and i start drawing my dark lil heart out there's just a certain tranquility to it ....so yeah that's about it
    i'd put my likes and dislikes but honesty it'd just make me look a bit unreal some how ( this is more of a brief description not a application lol )
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