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    My name is Xelyn (pronounced Zay- Lin) and yes it's my real name.

    I live with my Auntie and Uncle in WA, USA.

    I only have one little sister but because I live with my cousin I call her a sister too so If you hear me talking about my "sisters" it's my sis and my cousin.

    I am 21 years old (2014-2015) and my b-day is October 13th.

    I am an artist, you can see some of my work on my DA.

    I like some of the darker things in life (usualy my avatar gives that away) but I also like random, fun, spazy stuff.... I like the strange.

    I Have black hair with a white patch in it (thats a scar, lost the pigmentation there) and I was born with one eye blue and the other green. Usualy I cover the blue one with my bangs though. I might be what you would consider androgynous but I don't like it when people mistake me for a girl, so there's a little warning.

    I have no idea what my sexuality is, so let's not even go there. I'm confused enough as it is.

    I suffer from depression and anxiety, so try not to let that get you down because I seriously worry all the time that my depression upsets my friends and that's the last thing I want. Be happy and I will be too... mostly.

    My fav color is Silver, I also like black, red, gray and white. Honestly though, I just love color. All color.

    I love MARVEL movies, Captain America is my idol, Loki is also one of my favorite characters. I am poor as piss though, so I can't afford to see any of the movies until after they come out on DVD, so no spoilers, please.

    I love to RP and am constantly looking for something that will hold my interest. I don't like 1x1's as much though and usually avoid them, preferring group RP's in the forums.

    Oh, and I could be considered strange and sometimes vulgar, so don't be alarmed at the Freak show!

    Xelyn Craft
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