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  • Artist Info: Hey! Yes, you! Strange person looking at my profile...
    Well, I'm Amalia, 15 years old, from South Africa
    [NO! I don't have a lion in my backyard and live in a hut!]
    Hehe...So I like things, yes, THINGS. Various THINGS.
    Like music, like art [visit my deviantART!], like cats in straw hats
    sitting on pink elephants, like *cough*yourmom*cough*

    I absolutely love the Gorillaz. My favourite movies are Juno,
    Sweeney Todd, The Departed, Hot Fuzz, anything funny,
    gory or weird. I love Skins, go watch it if you haven't,
    Dexter aaand loads of anime =3

    So PM me, talk to me, whatever. I don't bite...hard.

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