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    Name's Ryan Luther Williams.
    Why do I call myself Volcanic Blaze? Because it matches my avatar.
    From England, East Midlands.
    You can guess my age if you want, or not.
    I'm weird and shy in real life, but on Gaia I'm different, just more weirder I guess.
    I like both dogs and cats
    I love Dr Pepper, it's like my best friend
    I hate two-faced people, and those who think they're better than everyone.
    Often I listen to Rock/Metal, because all other music is shit.
    I have a girlfriend called Julie Fabron (aka Julian as a joke), touch her and I shove a rocket launcher up your backside.
    I don't like religion nor do I believe in it, so please don't shove religious bullshit in my face. Even though I have nothing against people being religious, I just don't enjoy someone forcing me into being Catholic or whatever.
    So erm yeah, that's really it.
    Bye now.

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