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    Profile is Best Viewed in IE =D

    Hey there! xD
    Hat inalis ko na ang link sa aking bleu de lancret! Paalam bleu! xD

    xD I decided to change my name back to my ever beloved bleu de lancret (09 April 2009) xD

    09 June 2010

    Hi Gaian!!!
    Thanks for visiting my page! xD
    If you are a stranger and want to know more about me... PROCEED!!!
    Warning: Contents are Highly Educational!!!

    Hi! I'm bLeu De Lancret xD
    The name I got from two favorites: a game and a movie...
    bLeu from a character of a game called Breath of Fire...
    De Lancret is from Drew Barrymore's movie Ever After...

    Hat tinatamad pa ako magtype... Mamaya na lang ulit LoL

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