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  • Artist Info: My name is Rai, or Catt. either way is fine. I am 27 years old. I love anime mostly the gory ones my absolute favorites are Hellsing, Naruto, YuYu Hakushow and Another. I have more i like but i don't wanna list them right now. My favorite animal is the the Wolf .I love video games mostly the final fantasies and the Drogon age series, my most favorite franchise is the Zelda games.. I like talking to people and Rping but I hate it when people think their better than me. That's annoying.I also have become quite addicted to creepy pastas woot. Im online most of the time but sometimes I can't because I have a chronic condition called Iritis its actually arthritis of the eye...yes its real and very painful T.T I also love to draw if y'all ever want an avi art message me and we'll work something out. Anyway, thats me....

    My fate burns bright with a flame as black as hate.
    I wither in a corner only to seal my fate.

    Nightmares scream each night at me so shrill, poised almost like a dagger aimed to kill.
    I wish for life, I wish for death but neither give me host.

    I am stuck between the two as if to be a ghost.
    Only to wander forever beneath the darkened skies.
    No truth to light the way leaves me lost in lies.

    written by:Shion-The_Demon

    My current OC Scarlet Hex

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